Oh hey there, thanks for coming to my world of beauty, so pleased to see you!

Let me introduce myself, I am a London based beauty blogger, my names Nicola and I have a massive beauty obsession. Yes that is an actual confession and if there was a Beauty Addicts Anonymous meeting once a week, my hubby and my daughter would have me signed up immediately, no buts! The cheeky so and so's think my beauty chat is boring! So they convinced me to start blogging so I can inflict my beauty chat on those that love beauty too, or even those that want to learn a little about the products and how to use them. Here I will share everything I can with you, because sharing is caring right?  

A little bit more about me so we can really get to know one and other.

I am a 30 something (still pains me to admit this) girlie. I have an oily skin type, medium skin tone and enough brunette hair on my head and body (sorry for the TMI) for the nation, guess that makes me part girl, part hairy gorilla. I live in a small corner of Kent called Bromley with my hubby, our daughter and my fur baby (Digby the Pomchi). By day I am a PA for a local Commercial Agent and by night I am a mum, wifey, chef, house maid, dog walker, chief homework doer and of course blogger.

For fun I like to shop till I drop, drink gin or fizz (not fussy) and dance like no one is watching. I also love to create pretty pics of all my beauty shizz for the Gram.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy sharing and I hope to connect with you. Always feel free to message me to, I love a chat and I promise I don't bite.