About Jurlique and the New Anti Ageing Nutri Define Range

Recently I was lucky to have attended the launch event of Jurlique’s new Nutri Define range. Before I explain the range I just want to tell you a little about the brand. I love to hear brand back history and Claire (a representative of Jurlique) touched upon the brand and I found her so therapeutic to listen to. She really captured my attention with her knowledge.

Jurlique (a luxury skincare brand) are based in Adelaide (South Australia). I found this amusing as I always thought they were a K Beauty brand. I was so wrong! The brand founded by a couple made up of one biochemist and one botanist. Together they put their combined skills of herbology and science and “hey presto” the brand was born in 1980.

All of Jurlique’s ingredients are organically grown in living soil within their very own farm and then individually handpicked. The farm is located in the best spot within the south Australian hills that are home to some of the purest air ratings on earth, the right climate and the best soil.

Jurlique uses biodynamic farming techniques. Similar to organic farming, it treats the soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as ecologically interrelated tasks, emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives. This also excludes the use of artificial fertilisers.  Very unusual and unique. Making sure the most natural and very purest ingredients are what goes on your skin.

I was honestly to intrigued and if you want to read more about them please visit their website. there is so much information about the brands story there.

OK, back to the new Nurti Define range. The range consist of 6 products. A cleanser, a rich cream, a light cream, a serum, a conditioning lotion and an eye balm.

This is the anti-ageing range, suitable for all skin types and is designed to :-

• Improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Replenish moisture levels.

• Push the products deep into the skins layers for ultimate performance.

• Improve skins luminosity.

• Boost hydration levels.

• Plump the skin.

I have been testing the following products within my evening routine. All are suitable to use day and night I just preferred them in the evening (serum, rich cream and eye balm). All three products are just divine. I noticed instant skin plumping and the reduction of fine lines especially around my eye area. The product quality is so luxe, from the rose gold glass packaging right down to the experience I had using the products. A light floral scent and the most luscious textures. The eye balm a favourite in particular comes with an applicator which not only takes the right amount of product so there is no wastage, it also cools and soothes the eye area. Just so, so gorgeous! Another tip that Claire expressed was you should rub serum in between your fingers. Heat activates the ingredients helping them get to work as soon as you touch your skin. Don’t worry they won’t absorb into your hands instead.

This has been my first ever experience with this brand and I have to say I am totally impressed and absolutely in love!

You can find the range HERE currently 15% off using code LF15 (at time of this blog 23/03/20) *affiliated

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Jurlique and I look forward to your thoughts.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

March 23, 2020

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