Paula’s Choice 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturiser SPF50 Review

Paula’s Choice 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturiser SPF50

Paulas Choice SPF bottle and packaging

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Introducing Paula’s Choice latest launch their 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturiser SPF50. A high factor SPF50 for sun protection of your face.

What makes this a good SPF?

• Suitable for all skin types

• Suitable for all skin tones

• The SPF50/ moisturiser hybrid means you do not need two separate products this is a two in one and still as effective.

• Targets brown spots and dull skin

• Has a weightless formula

• Clinically proven to hydrate skin

• UV filter SPF50 high protection against sun damage

• Leaves no white cast. An invisible finish.

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This SPF50 has been formulated to not only protect your skin from sun damage but also to minimize discolouration with its Vitamin C super charged formula whilst keeping your skin hydrated and oozing luminosity.

Vitamin C has many skincare benefits including :-

• As an antioxidant it protects the skin from external aggressors such as pollution, the sun, stress.

• Helps fade hyper pigmentation.

• Helps heal the skin by activating collagen formulation.

• Protects the collagen in your skin and encourages new collagen helping keep the  fullness and plumpness of your skin.

• Boosts radiance.

Texture image of the Paulas Choice 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturiser SPF50

How do you use this product in your skincare routine?

This is the last step in your skincare routine but as it’s a moisturiser and SPF50 in one you do not need to apply a separate moisturiser you just need this one product saving you time and money.

Key ingredients

• Vitamin C

• Acetzyl Zingerone

• Porphyra Umbilicalis Extract

For me SPF is a vital skincare product and a non-negotiable. It protects your skin from ageing and also the harmful rays of the sun that can cause skin cancer. Whilst SPF is applied at the end of our morning skincare routine it should also be topped up regularly throughout the day, especially if you are outside or in direct sunlight e.g. near a window.

My Thoughts

I am really loving this SPF. The Paula’s Choice 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturiser SPF50 has a lightweight formula with a milky texture that instantly absorbs into the skin leaving behind no residue. I have a medium skin tone and find a lot of SPF50’s leave a white cast on my skin, this one however leaves absolutely no change of colour to my skin tone, it also has an invisible finish and feels like you are wearing absolutely nothing on your face. There is no tackiness or oiliness either. Its like your skin is naked.

I love how hydrating it is and I also love the instant brightness it brings, making you look fresh faced and awake.

I can’t speak for the results on hyper pigmentation as I do not have any concerns myself, but you can check the brands clinical trials where the results are evident.

Available to purchase now.

What the Paulas Choice 5% Vitamin C Sheer Moisturiser SPF50 looks like on the back of writers hand with the packaging in the background

RRP £15.00 15ml - £48.00 60ml

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Nicola Londors

June 24, 2024

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