Ameliorate Review

Ameliorate – Review

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When I was first introduced to this brand I wasn’t sure I would like it. It’s everything opposite to what I usually look for in body care. I go for luxury looking packaging with scents that make you smell like a snack or scents that have aromatherapy properties for a spa like experience. Ameliorate products are clinical looking and don’t have much of a scent at all.

Let me tell you, after using these my opinion was quickly changed. This three step system has left the skin on my body feeling so silky smooth, like smoother than ever and the products are a real joy to use.

Before I tell you about the individual products let me introduce you to the brand.

Ameliorate are a premium skincare brand and have formulated award winning dermatologist approved products that provide effective results for skin that suffers with skin concerns such as dehydration, dryness and psoriasis.

All of their products contain their unique LaH6 skin hydration complex which is made up of six active moisturisers to intensely hydrate and moisturise.

Their goal as a brand is to give skin confidence and allow those with skin concerns to embrace their skin and feel comfortable in it.

Now you know a little about the brand lets get on to the products I have been trying. Personally I do not suffer with dry skin but I do sometimes get bumps especially on the backs of my arms and the back of my thighs and They have completely gone, I wish I had taken photos!

Step 1 Smoothing Body Exfoliant – This exfoliate is different to any other I have ever tried. You massage the milky lotion onto dry skin (I know I was surprised to) and the biodegradable bamboo granules along with the chemical Alpha Hydroxy Therapy  gently buff away dead skin cells both physically and chemically. Combined with the unique LaH6 and shea, coconut oil and cocoa butter you have smooth and hydrated skin.

Once on your skin you leave for a few minutes then hop in the bath/ shower to rinse off.

Its honestly such a wonderful experience and you wait until you fell how smooth your skin is the water literally rolls off your body.

RRP £18.00

Step 2 Nourishing Body Wash – This has been formulated to help with –

• Bumpy Skin

• Very Dry Skin

• Dehydrated Skin

• Rough Skin

The formula is soap free and PH balanced making it so kind and gentle. You can feel it conditioning your skin as you use it. It is proven to moisturise the skin up to 8 hours and cleanses without drying.

I found the formula to be very indulgent and creamy despite its lack of scent. It does have a very light scent but not highly perfumed as I am used to. So I was surprised I still found an element of luxe to this.  Another thing I was most surprised about was that I have been having eczema breakouts under my arm pits. They have been so sore and dry and I haven’t suffered since I was a small child. Everything I wash with burns and deodorant has been a painful task. This shower gel didn’t cause me any discomfort at all! No burning and no soreness if anything it soothed and helped.

Really love and it’s so gentle it is suitable for children over the age of 3!

RRP £12.00

Step 3 Transforming Body Lotion – OMG this is a babe. A milky lotion with a light subtle scent of cleanliness and comfort that made my skin look so glowy and feel like silk. Literally like my skin is living it's best life.

The formula in enriched with Lactic Acid to turn over new skin cells making your skin look and feel its best. The sweet scent is the Almond Oil that softens, protects and enhances the skin. I

This honestly wowed me and my skin feels amazing especially if used alongside step 1 and step 2.

Another gentle formula that can even be used on your face!

RRP £24.00

My lesson is not to judge a book by its cover because these products really are amazing. They work and are not too expensive.

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Also available from Ameliorate & Cult Beauty

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Nicola Londors

September 22, 2021

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