April 2021 Beauty Favourites

April 2021 Beauty Favourites

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Better late than never a round up of April and my beauty favourites.

April was a funny ole month for me as I returned to work after 13 months off. This bought lots of changes in my life and beauty routine. Hair washing was now a must, back to wearing makeup although I am still keeping it light, and my AM skincare needed scaling back as I no longer had all morning to do it all.

It has definitely been a few weeks of finding my “new normal” and although it has been tiring, I am so pleased to be back at work, in the office doing “normal” things and I feel I can now see life as it was before Covid creeping back slowly. It’s weird, we definitely didn’t want this experience of lock down and a lot of it was not welcome but there were elements I definitely benefited from and will miss.

For example, no alarm clock in the morning, having the time to enjoy the outdoors, getting my house in order, being a little more stress free and spending quality time with my husband, daughter and dog. We wont get that time back again so I know we will in years to come look back and see positivity among the devastation.

I hope you are all well, stayed safe and took something good away from lockdown. I also hope you are all now starting to get back to work and are able to bring back some social element to your lives. Wishing you all the best!

Ok now for my April Faves. Products that helped me back to reality!

Givenchy Prism Libre Foundation *

I think this product was sent to me from heaven! For someone that doesn’t like a heavy base this really hits the nail on the head and is my current angel of a base! You can read my full review HERE

RRP £40.00

Prismologie – Diamond & Neroli Rich Body Cream *

Keeping you body hydrated is as important as your face so indulging in a body cream is a must. Personally I love something that is scented, either in a sweet shnack kind of way (like this one) or an aromatherapy spa kind of way. This body cream is formulated to give off the rich citrusy scent of neroli while deeply moisturising your skin, boosting collagen and increasing elasticity. The Diamond micro crystals illuminate giving of a youthful glow. The rich texture is so luxurious and indulgent and leaves you feeling uplifted and your skin cared for.

Available from prismologie.com

RRP £49.00

Rhug Estate – Wild Beauty Rebalancing Skin Tonic *

If you are an OG follower/ reader you will know I absolutely adore a toner. They are even more appropriate now I am back at work as they replace my second cleanse. After I have washed my face I go over with a toner and cotton pad. This cleanses away any lasting residue and also njects some skin loving ingredients prior to any serums. This tonic is from a beautiful brand founded by Lord Robert Newborough on his very own North Wales Estate in Rhug. Organically farming ingredients from his very own land to bring to our skin.

This re balancing toner is divine, so divine I have almost finished it. Encased in luxury frosted glass are the ingredients cucumber extract, nettle leaf, aloe vera, prebiotic and meadow sweet to create a tonic suitable for dehydrated, dull and congested skin. The product revitalises and clarifies for a brighter youthful look.  

Available from rhugwildbeauty.com

RRP £50.00

Beauty Pie – Japanfusion Genius Lift Elixir *

If you think of plumping a duck and down pillow and how if fluffs up, this is exactly what this does to your skin. A light oil textured serum that plumps and hydrates the skin instantly. I am a little obsessed with it. Perfect AM product to give your skin the dewy, youthful base before you apply your makeup. Instantly hydrating! Who doesn’t want fluffed up skin (wink)!

Key ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid, Polynesian Seaweed, Jabara extract (rich in Vitamin C).

Avaialble from Beautypie.com

RRP £40.00 - £7.74 for members

Hourglass Caution Mascara

If I am ever running behind and cannot manage a full face of makeup, I have three products in my arsenal and mascara is one of them. Recently I have been reaching for this one and every single time I wear it I get the following compliments.

“Your lashes look so real where do you get them done” – They are my own I grew them.

“You have amazing lashes”

“Wow your lashes are so long”

This mascara gives the length and volume without being too dramatic. The formula also doesn’t transfer on my oily skin. Panda eyes free! I love it. Perfect every day mascara.

RRP £29.00 – Now available at LOOKFANTASTIC HERE

Emma Hardie – Midas Touch Super Serum

Oily skin gets oilier when its dehydrated so to avoid the midday oil slide when my makeup literally slides off of my face I have been focusing on hydration.

This serum has been clinically proven to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and increase hydration in 4 weeks. Now whilst I have no wrinkles (I know I am bloody lucky, I have a lot of grey hair instead) I have noticed a huge difference in the oil levels in my skin since I started using this religiously.

It contains Squalene which is a hero ingredient for hydration by looking in moisture plus Niacinamide which is an ingredient my oily skin loves, great for minimising the appearance of wrinkles plus manage breakouts and pigmentation.  

I have been able to also replace a few different serums by just this one cutting down my getting ready time in the morning.

RRP £58.00 get 20% off at LOOKFANTASTIC with code LFTFNICOLAL

That’s a wrap for April. See you again next month with more faves!!


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

May 24, 2021

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