Beauty Products You Need This Winter

Winter is not quite here in the UK it has been wet and mild but when the cold weather arrives there are certain products I will be reaching for. Isn’t it funny how our preferences change through the seasons? Colour, scents, skincare ingredients they all become factors we consider.

Hydration in the winter is just as important as the summer. The cold and the wind zaps the moisture out of the skin and can cause dryness and chapping. Keeping your skin well hydrated will avoid any dry sore patches. There are many options within in your skincare routine where you can add hydration. Here are my favourite products.

Fresh Rose Hydration Toner – Deeply hydrating and contains real rose petals that add for a gorgeous floral scent and the benefit of soft supple skin. Rose has great skincare benefits so look out for this as a key ingredient.
RRP £21.00 100ml

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics – A light weight hydration boosting serum with the perfect formula for oily skin types. Packed with hyaluronic acid (a key hydration boosting ingredient). Its water consistency is a pleasure to apply.
RRP £5.90 30ml

Herbal Dynamics Beauty Hyaluronic Acid & Oats Overnight Recovery Mask – An overnight mask that replaces your usual moisturiser. This will fight against pollutants that cause havoc with the skin whilst driving moisture deep into the skin’s layers. You will wake up very fresh faced. This product contains lots of skin loving ingredients including aloe, rose oil, broccoli extract and hyaluronic acid.
RRP $17.00 30ml – this product is currently not available in the UK although the brand does feature in Feelunique. *gifted product.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream – Moisturise your skin day and night every day, not just because of the season. Forgetting to moisturise however, in the winter could be costly and leave your skin drying out quicker than you can say bollocks! This is one of my favourite moisturisers and one I have used multiple times (a rarity for a skincare junkie). It’s an award-winning light weight, fast absorbing moisturiser, with a spa like scent and plumping properties. It improves fine lines and wrinkles, skins firmness and hydration levels. Key ingredients – rose, mimosa, shea butter, vitamin e, lemon peel oil and many active ingredients of which I know nothing about (off I go to research).
RRP £87.00 50ml - AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE *affiliated

By Terry Baume de Rose – Now do not get me wrong I completely get that this lip balm is at a very high price point. I was lucky to win mine in a giveaway, but my goodness its good shizz! I use it as an overnight lip treatment, because let’s face it applying vigorously throughout the day would cost me a small fortune, so this is a special one. It does however protect the lips from the extremities and also leaves them soft, plump and supple. It can also be used as a primer before applying lipstick if you like?
RRP £40.00 10g – I know, shocker! But trust me the best lip care I have used. AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE *affiliated

Now we have covered skin let’s move on to other things that happen in the winter. Like the colour draining from our skin, leaving us looking half dead! Now I am not a fake tan lover purely because it takes too long and always ends up looking awful when I try. So instead I get out my dark bronzers. I use my bronzer to add colour too my cheeks and contour my hairline and jawbone. With a bit of blending the skin goes from pale AF to sun kissed.
My favourite bronzer ever?

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel – A multitasking cream bronzer than requires a stiff brush and some welly with the blending brush. Once you get the application right this bronzer is the dream! It can be used for so many things too. Eyeshadow, tan, bronzer for face and body, blusher and contour. I am a medium skin tone and this suits my skin perfectly. Unfortunately, it only comes in one shade so if you are concerned it may be too dark go and have a little test of it first at a Chanel counter.
RRP £40.00

Winter hair goals? Do you find your hair becoming a little lackluster in the winter? Without the sun beaming down on our tresses it sometimes appears to lack shine and can look dry. I have been using: -

Moroccan oil Treatment – Suitable for all hair types it protects the hair whilst adding shine. You literally need the tiniest amount. I use a pea size and I have hair nearly to my ass so trust me when I say go easy with it, otherwise your hair will look like it needs a good wash instead. Apply to the hair when damp and style as usual.
RRP £32.85 125ml – this will last forever!! AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE *affiliated

Lastly my last winter must have is a winter scent. Who else changes preference of scent with the change of temperature? I love florals in spring, sweet fruity or coconut in the summer, deep berry scents in the autumn and then deep over powering and long-lasting scents in the winter. My go to: -

Marc Jacobs Decadence – This perfume is bougie, glam and indulgent. Its woody plum scent gives it a sweet but deep aroma. Other notes are Bulgarian rose, saffron, iris, jasmine, amber and vetiver. It’s just a dream and has a long-lasting powerful kick. Perfect for day and night.
RRP 38.95 50ml AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE *affiliated

Would love to know your winter must haves – let me know in the comments below.


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Nicola Londors

January 17, 2020

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