Bring Joy Back To Your Life With Some Simple Self Care Hacks

The worlds gone bit cray cray right now hasn’t it? I suspect the uncertainty has left you feeling confused and all out of sorts with many unanswered questions. Please be assured you aren’t alone in your thinking, we as a nation are all suffering at different extremities. Myself included, I get you and fully understand.

Whilst we may have had to cancel our social plans for the next few weeks and are possibly heading to isolation for most of us over the coming weeks, let’s not look at this as a negative. Let’s look at this as time we can use for ourselves in a positive way whilst we are rested from our usual hectic routines. Remind yourself our new normal is not forever it’s a temporary measure while we get this crisis under control. We have to work together, follow professional advise and help those in need where we can.

Use this time to reconnect with yourself and your family. To get on top of things that are usually left untouched as there is little time for it in your usual schedule, realign. Most importantly do things that lift your mood, things that make your heart sing and your face smile.

I am about to make a huge list of things as many as I can think of. Print it out and turn your frowns upside down with positive and productive exercises. Keep this not just for in case we have to self isolate but for whenever you need something to lift your mood, pick from the list or think of personal things that immediately make you feel better when you do them.

o Get outside in the garden. Take in the fresh air, the birds singing and the spring flowers.
o Go for a walk in large open spaces that remain open. Keeping distant from other walkers. Walking is such a good form of exercise and a way in which you can file and process your minds thoughts. I always feel better after a walk.
o Continuing on from exercise, if you like to workout, download some yoga, Pilates, HITT training on YouTube and you can do some home workouts.  
o Read the book you have been meaning to read.
o Decorate the room you have been wanting to revamp. Deliveries are currently still operating. You may be able to get the supplies you need sent to your front door.
o Spend more time pampering yourself.
o Experiment with the makeup looks you have been meaning to try.
o Deep condition your hair.
o Look after your skin, really spend the time thinking about the products you are using and what they will do for your skin and how much joy they bring you to apply. I love taking extra time with my skincare routines.
o Baths with candles, lots of bubbles and a glass of vino. Make that a large glass!
o Shop your stash. With shops closed doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. If you got a stash rediscover new things. You’ll be surprised what you find.
o Deep clean the house.
o Sort out your wardrobe ready for spring/summer and the warmer weather.
o Call the friend you have been meaning to catch up with, I bet they would love to hear from you at this time. You can both lift each-other.
o If you like to cook/ bake get out those cookbooks and make some yummy treats for your family and your neighbours.
o Netflix and chill!!
o Have some board game nights. We as a family don’t often do this but when we do it is always mood lifting. Laughter is the best medicine!
o Marie Kondo your draws and cupboards if you love to organise. I am definitely down for this if I end up self isolating.
o Do some puzzles.
o Have movie days/nights. With homemade shnaxxxx. I am all about the shnaxxxx.

As you can see the possibilities are endless, I would love to hear from you about this. Share your ideas below in the comments.

Stay safe and keep positive.

Sending you all Londors love.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

March 16, 2020

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