Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream vs Magic Cream Light

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Vs Magic Cream Light

Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury's award winning Magic Cream was created to lay the foundations of well moisturised skin before makeup was applied to the skin of models. It was a secret formula that was found to be magic enough to be sold on shelves worldwide.

I quickly fell in love with her original formula. I haven’t ever tried another cream like it. It's beautifully thick and plumps up the skin like an expensive hotel pillow. Instantly hydrating and smoothing out fine lines. It is very rich so it isn’t what I would use as an everyday moisturiser, but it did become my full face makeup hero. My makeup always lays beautifully over this moisturiser and makes my makeup application appear flawless giving me healthy looking skin.

The cream has been formulated to moisturise for 24 hours and also tackle inflammation and redness to so the perfect moisturiser for all skin types. Bursting with a whole array of skin loving ingredients including-

Hyaluronic Acid - A key ingredient for maximum hydration.

Peptide Complex - A builder for collagen and elastin to create firmer, younger looking skin. It can also help prevent breakouts.

Aloe Vera - An amazing ingredient to help with soothing of inflammation also an amazing for boosting moisture.

Vitamin A - Speeds up the healing process of inflammed skin, prevents breakouts and promotes natural moisture giving the skin a healthy appearance and a radiant glow.

It’s high end price tag is truly warranted merely because it not only does it look and feel luxurious it really is unique and magic!

RRP £49.00 30ml & £75.00 50ml

Magic Cream Light

Just when I thought I had found the perfect moisturiser for applying makeup, Charlotte Tilbury released The Magic Cream Light, a lighter, milky version of the original bestseller which is more mattifying. I wasn’t convinced until I had tried it and realised that my VERY OILY skin was very appreciative of the mattifying veil effect which the Magic Cream Light offers. I didn’t think anything could beat the original. I was wrong.

So what’s different about the new lighter formula? Let me tell you!

• Firstly the packaging. This one comes in a sleek pump action bottle rather than a tub like the original.

• Enriched with SPF20 and pollution defence technology. Protecting your skin from ageing and harmful rays of the sun plus protection against external aggressors that can clog your pores and cause congestion as well as stress and ageing.

• Radicare Gold complex which creates a film on the skin to guard against blue light which radiates from screen use (technology). Something that is very present in the modern day world.

• Mattifying which makes this formula better for oily/ combination skin.

Despite all the changes to this formula it is still formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin making it appear youthful, plump and looking like its living its best life. It also still feels and looks just as luxurious.

I found with this one that it still laid for the perfect foundations to apply makeup but wasn’t so rich meaning I could use this daily. Where as the other one was definitely greaser and would cause me a break out if I over used due to my skin type.

So if you are oily like me or have combination skin you may just want to give this one a try, or even if you are looking for an every day moisturiser this light version will be your best option.

RRP £75.00

Charlotte Tilbury is Available to purchase at, Space NK, Cult Beauty, Feelunique, Selfridges & House of Fraser

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Nicola Londors

April 25, 2021

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