Dermalogica Virtual Consultation

Dermalogica Virtual Consultation

*PR/AD experience and products were gifted by the brand

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A couple of months back I was invited to have a virtual consultation with one of Dermalogica’s therapists Theresa.

These consultations are 30 minutes long and completely free, they are available to book HERE.

During the consultation Theresa was so wonderful and easy to speak to, I did not feel self-conscious at all (You must attend the consultation make up free so the therapist can get a good idea of your skin type and concerns).

She was so friendly, and we spoke about our lockdown experiences and how it has affected our skin and wellbeing, which was a lovely ice breaker. The chat was informal and comfortable, I think if you have social anxiety and are worried about talking to a “stranger” in virtual environment you really need not worry. I felt like I was having coffee with a friend and talking about a subject I love. Skincare!

We spoke about my current skincare routine AM & PM, the ingredients I like to use, my skin concerns and what I would like to achieve. That being a younger appearance, minimising fine lines, pigmentation and oil control. My oily skin is out of control!

Being the ultimate skincare junkie that I am, I did already have everything covered that Theresa would have recommended, bar hormonal breakouts which I will talk about later when I introduce you to the product that was recommended for this.

After we had really gotten to know my skin, Theresa filled out a consultation card that is unique to my skin type and she recommended some Dermalogica products that I could use in replacement of my current routine (if I wish) there was absolutely no pressure to purchase anything, plus some additional products I was missing.

If you are new to skincare and really wanting a tailored routine and you have no clue where to start or what steps you need, this experience will really help you. It will highlight your skin type and concerns with professional assistance plus give you a routine to follow plus educate you on ingredients that will help you on your journey to healthy skin! To have all this free advice from a leading skincare company that is used by professionals worldwide I think is bloody fantastic!

My Recommended Products

First Cleanse – Pre-Cleanse

Already a fave product of mine. A citrusy scented oil cleanser that lifts makeup, SPF and debris and emulsifies to milk with water to rinse away. Suitable for all skin types. I was already using this product in my routine, so this was a top up!

RRP £39.50

Second Cleanse – Active Clay Cleanser

Again, another product I have used previously and adore. If you have oily skin, I cannot recommend this product enough! It is a purifying prebiotic cleanser rich in minerals and clay which absorbs excess oils, purifies, and balances the skin. Cleansers for oily skin can sometimes be harsh and dehydrating but this does the job so gently and protects the skins natural “eco system” leaving the skin smooth, revitalised and well balanced.

RRP £35.00

Exfoliate – Daily Microfoliant

This is a bestselling product for a reason. The gentlest yet effective exfoliate that I think I have ever tried. It is a rice powder that activates with water to create a water paste, releasing vital ingredients such a salicylic acid, white tea, and rice enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin. This is so gentle, that unlike other exfoliates this can be used every day! I have been through lots of these over the years. It really is amazing! Leaves the skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, bright, plump, and awake.

RRP £51.00

Vitamin C – Biolumin-C Serum

Vitamin C is a vital ingredient in my AM routine, and I like to use this in a serum form as I find I get the most potent dose and noticeable results. Vitamin C helps prevent against ageing and congestion protecting the skins barrier form external aggressors (pollutants, debris, stress). The result is brighter, radiant skin that is firmer and more youthful looking.

This is not cheap, but I cannot stress enough that should you ever need to spurge on just one area of your routine it is always the serum!!

RRP £81.50

Spot Buster – Age Bright Spot Fader

I am lucky that I do not break out often but when I do it is usually a great big hormonal mountain that is so big it deserves to be named! These spots are hard to get rid of and when I am left with pigmentation. Theresa kindly recommended this product! It is a 2in1 treatment that not only helps reduce the inflammation but also fades the pigmentation and scaring left behind.

The key ingredients in this product are salicylic acid and Niacinamide which I have come to learn are the most perfect ingredients for oily skinned types! they help reduce pores, keep pores clear even skin tone, and reduce sebum levels.

The formula goes on clear so you can easily wear over or under makeup, as well as on bare skin. Really impressed with this.

RRP £40.50

Moisturiser – Oil Free Matte

Of course, I was already using a moisturiser, but this is not just any moisturiser, oh no! It is an oil free matte moisturiser with SPF30. I find that SPF can clog my pores and cause breakouts as many are heavy formula with oil base, which very naughtily puts me off wearing it sometimes. Also, usually I would use a moisturiser and SPF which is 2 steps. This has it all and the SPF30 is as strong as it would be as a single product and not compromised in strength by being added to this moisturiser. The oil free formula works perfectly with my oily skin type and would really benefit you if you are prone to breakouts to. I also loved that you can see exactly where you are applying it but it the goes clear leaving no white cast. A white cast can be frustrating for medium/ deep skin tones.

I cannot stress enough that there is not point spending any money on a skincare routine if you are not wearing SPF! It is the most important step.

RRP £45.00

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Products also available at full price from DERMALOGICA.CO.UK

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you decide to have a virtual consultation and what products you are loving since your experience.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

May 24, 2021

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