Feminine Hygiene With Woo Woo

Do you look after your lady garden? Do you keep her happy, pruned, watered and protected from parasites?

If not Woo Woo has got all the maintenance tools she needs.

As beauty addicts we look after our faces, bodies, hair and even our hands and feet but I bet we are all guilty of neglecting our vajayjay’s!

To keep our lady bits healthy we need to:-


Whether you like to keep your fairy neat and tidy or all out, full on chicken plucked, Woo Woo has you covered with their In Shower Intimate Hair Removal Cream. No eye watering sessions here, just a gentle care hair removal cream formulated with aloe vera and softening oils for a smooth brazillian wax effect.

Hair Removal Cream – RRP £6.75


Who said micellar water was just for the face? Woo Woo have formulated a PH balanced gentle micellar wash with aloe vera to keep your intimate areas clean and fresh. A lot of ladies forget that perfumed soaps can be too harsh for our sensitive lady bits and can also cause thrush, so keep the washes gentle, so you remain clean, fresh and comfortable. No one wants a burning fanny!!!

Micellar Wash – RRP £6.95


Us ladies have needs too. Our intimate bits like to have fun as much as the men’s. Woo Woo have formulated an Arousal Boosting Bliss Oil made with CBD and Aloe Vera. Made not only for heightened pleasure but this oil also provides a moisture boost to keep your lady garden from shrivelling up. You can use this alone or with friends “just saying”!

Bliss Oil – RRP £9.99


I know this should be common knowledge but unfortunately it appears not, so “The Londors” here is going to remind you all. Safe Sex is the best sex! Condoms do not only provide birth control they also prevent parasites aka STI’s from invading your lady gardens. Some STIs can be life changing so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself, especially if you have a new sexual partner “you don’t know where he has been” and know that no unwanted parasites are going to be living in your bush. Condoms don’t have to be boring, as well as standard, Woo Woo have a “Party Pack” sounds exciting right? A pack of three for a good time! Ribbed and dotted included to give you a sensual experience and a handy size to pop into your bag in case a sex god should cross your path for a quick steam sesh.

Party Pack Condoms – RRP £3.95

Sensitive feel condoms – RRP £9.99

You can find all of Woo Woos products via their website www.woowoo.fun at Superdrug and Feelunique (Please note the links are not affiliated just sharing the love though the products included in this blog have been gifted to keep my vajayjay happy and healthy).

I think I have covered everything here. Any questions you can email me following the contact me page or you can DM me on Insta.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

November 10, 2019

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