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Hey beauties it has been a little while since I have posted a blog. I have been concentrating on expanding myself to other areas, including You Tube ready to go forth and multiply this year. My beauty journey brings me so much excitement and the possibilities are endless!

Here I am back, about to write you my always honest opinion of these amazing #Foreo gadgets that I miraculously won in a giveaway on Instagram. The giveaway was hosted by beauty gadget queens #CurrentBody just before Christmas and one of these products was on my list to Santa, can you believe it? I nearly cried when I got the DM that I was the winner! I managed to hold in my happy tears because I was at work and not meant to be on my phone (sometimes I like to be a little bit naughty) rules are made to be broken right?

Here we go review time!

Foreo Luna Mini 2

RRP £119.00 available in 5 colours

A gentle pulsating cleansing brush made of soft silicon. Suitable for all skin types. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this. I have oily skin and deep pores a nightmare combination, this little beauty which I have been using together with foaming gel cleansers morning and night has made my skin feel the cleanest it has ever been.

A combination of the vibration, circular hand motions and the silicone brushes lift 99.5% of all dirt, plus excess sebum and makeup residue off of the skin, one session takes only one minute. Everyone has one minute in the morning and one minute in the evening for a facial cleanse even a busy working mum like me! The device can be used together with any of your favourite cleansers and always dampen your face.

The Luna is 100% waterproof and chargeable by USB cable which is included. One full charge lasts up to 5 months (300 washes) AMAZING!

It is also easy to clean just rinse under a running tap of water and stand to dry. More effective than a flannel and easier to keep clean!

I have made a demonstration video over on my YouTube channel (click for link) of a skincare regime using this device. You can actually see my skin wake up and change colour whilst the device loosens dead skin cells that promote dullness and pimples.

I can’t recommend this enough, to all ages too. Acne sufferers, hormonal breakout sufferers, those with dry dull skin and teenagers suffering with breakouts, you all can use this too!

I know I was gifted this but this was on my Christmas list so I was totally getting one anyway!

Foreo UFO & UFO Activated Masks

Foreo UFO Device RRP £249 available in 3 colours

Activated Masks RRP £18.99 per box of 6 – (7 types available) including:-

  • Glow Addict – Enhances brightening with pearl infusion
  • Youth Junkie – Collagen infused for intensive renewal
  • H2Overdose – Ultra Hydrating hyaluronic acid infusion
  • Matte Maniac – Extra Purifying Charcoal infused
  • Make My Day – Anti Pollution and Hydrating infused with Red algae and hyaluronic acid
  • Call It A Night – Night time edition infused with ginseng and Olive Oil
  • Shimmer Freak – Illuminating eye mask with caffeine infusion

This device has left me mind blown. Probably not something I would ever have purchased for myself simply as it is expensive. However to receive as a gift or an indulgent treat it is so very worth it!

First of all you download the Foreo app which syncs with your device ad talks you through each treatment.

At the start if your treatment it asks you to scan the barcode on the back of your chosen mask box and then it programmes the device to a 90 second treatment.

The whole UFO experience is orgasmic. Total heaven!

In your 90 second treatment your skin is treated to :-

  • Korean inspired micro fibre masks and their infused serum which gets secured to the back of the devise.
  • You are spoilt with a thermo-therapy technology heat treatment which feels like heaven, this uses your skins natural response to temperature and gives you a revitalising mind and body experience, it really is so pleasurable to use.
  • Signature T-sonic pulsations, to ensure you get the most out of every mask by allowing the ingredients to sink deeper into the skin so you get the full skincare benefits of each and every single mask, whilst enjoying the pleasant massage and light vibration against your skin.  
  • Cooling, too diminish the appearance of pores and reduce puffiness and redness.
  • LED lights which glow Red, Blue and Green. These create a UV free photo therapy treatment to rejuvenate your skin.

So far I have only used the glow addict formula mask a few times and I am absolutely blown away! My skin feels amazing after a UFO experience. It is so quick, relaxing and enjoyable to use to. It is safe to use the formulas of the masks daily, if you wanted to have a daily treat. USB charger included and easy to clean just rinse under water.

I do completely understand the high value of this product but if you could get a discount, was thinking of buying this but was awaiting to read reviews or could ask for as a gift, you will not be disappointed! I am absolutely over the moon with mine.

I hope this has enlightened you into the Foreo devices, how they are used and how they could benefit your skin. If you do have any further questions please either comment below or message me on Instagram.

I look forward to hearing all of your feedback. This review was s exciting for me.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 8, 2019

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