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Gade currently available at MMCL but coming to QVC on Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 5pm.

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The excitement when I laid eyes on this brand was real. I love anything bougie and GA-DE ticks those premium boxes. The only box it doesn’t tick is the premium price tag box because this brand is super affordable compared to its premium competitors.

When I was introduced to GA-DE the first thing I thought was Chanel! It has that sleek, elegant Chanel look, that anyone would be pleased to show off. The packaging not only looks luxury it also feels luxury with magnetic closes on their lipsticks, frosted glass packaging on their foundation, mirrors and lights on their acrylic finish crystal light lip glosses, I could go on but you get the picture. This brand has nailed attention to detail.

About GA-DE

This cruelty free brand consisting of luxury makeup and skincare was founded in Israel and produced in the same factories as some of the premium products we see on the market today, it is clear to see why they are so luxury.

The brand has been created with diversity to ensure every woman can wear their products and always feel beautiful and confident. To achieve this they have formulated their makeup with intense pigment and skin loving ingredients to ensure your skin gets the benefits when wearing their creations. The skincare line developed by Swiss experts has been created with natural ingredients all with unique benefits depending on your skin type.

GA-DE rightly believe that applying beauty products is a full experience. Products should be felt, loved and enjoyed from the moment you pick it up, I myself absolutely agree. It's like having one of those herbal essences shower moments when you use premium products. GA-DE delivered that promise for me. ORGASMIC dare I say!

So lets have a look at some of the products that have been tried, tested and loved by me.


I haven’t tried much of the skincare line from GA-DE other than these two products which I will share with you now.

AQUA JOLT – oil free hydration gel cream

Suitable for oily to combination skin this is a light gel moisturiser that melts to water and absorbs into the skin is designed to refresh, hydrate and revitalize. The product once absorbs leaves behind the most plump, hydrated and glowy skin. It is an instant skin pick me up. It also has a really pleasant scent which makes for a sensual experience.

Key ingredients to note are:-

Hyaluronic Acid – Hydrating

Fucogel active – This delivers a lasting hydration to restore the skins barrier against loss of moisture. It also re-instores firmness and boosts the skins elasticity function.

B3 & Sugar Cane – work together to reduce sebum production for oily skin and minimise appearance of redness.

Vitamin E – Nourishment

Botanical Ginger Root – Soothing

RRP £20.00

HYDRA SUBLIME – Royal pomegranate overnight recovery oil.

During the day our skin looses moisture so our nightly routines should concentrate on replenishing this. This oil is absolutely beautiful, light weight and non sticky with the sweetest scent that actually reminds me of a fresh jam donut. It has that sweet sugar with fruit mix.

You need the tiniest amount and it absorbs into the skin giving a beautiful glow. So comfortable to wear.

The formula consists of 5 nourishing oils. Macademia, evening primrose, pomegranate, raspberry seed and borgage. Together they provide intense hydration, nourishment, anti ageing and protection of the skins natural moisture barrier.

RRP £42.00


I have been building quite a collection of their makeup. So lets share it with you all.

SHOWGLOW & IMAGINE Eyeshadow Palettes

Encased in a mirror compact, they have 8 large pans made of highly pigmented matte, shimmer and glitter shades. The formula is enriched with sweet almond extract to keep the delicate skin of the eyelids protected and soft.

These shadows give ultra glam day to night looks and are so easy to blend with their light powder formula they really get into all the nooks and cranny’s of the eyelids . The formula is crease free and lasts all day!

RRP £29.50 each.

Crystal Lights Lip Glosses

Available in 10 high sine shades these glosses are stunning. The sleek acrylic packaging contains a mirror and light so you can apply easily even in the darkest nightclubs of Soho London.  

The formula contains light reflective crystal pearls giving your lips the glossiest look without the sticky feel. I like to pop a little over my lipsticks to give an ultra glam day to night look.

RRP £16.50 each


Full coverage concealer with a hydrating, long lasting formula. Available in three shades. I wear shade fair for a brightening look.

The formula applied with a large foot sponge applicator, makes for an easy application and blends out to cover spots, dark circles, discolouration, hyperpigmentation and imperfections.

Currently on sale for £9.00


Full coverage 24 hour wear foundation. This has the lightest formula that blends into the skin perfectly creating an even skin tone and texture.  It feels almost naked to wear which for a full coverage is a rarity.

The finish is dewy and so hydrating.

This is a preview. PRODUCT COMING SOON

VELVETEEN – Highlighting Powder

This is a bestseller and I can totally see why. This gives glow that can be seen from outer space!

Available in 4 shades (shade shown is Prismatic Pearl). These light capturing powder formulated highlighters reflect light to create a gorgeous gleam. They are also enriched with jojoba oil to protect and soften your skin.

Encased in mirror compacts this is glow on the go, take it with you to the shop, to the park, to the pub, to the gym let everyone see you shine!

RRP £23.00

EVERGLOW – Hydrating Illuminator

From powders above to liquid glow here. This rivals a well known competitor (can you guess who?) with a hydrating formula and a blinging glow. Formulated with hydrating plant derived squalene, luminous oils and ultra fine pearls for a flawless, hydrating, glow up finish.

The sponge applicator allows you to dab onto the skin and blend with your finger. Suitable for face and body I especially love this product for the inner corners of my eye when creating a glitzy eye or mixed with foundation for an all over glow.

RRP £18.50


EXTREMITY – Full volume mascara for lashes n fleek that stand out from a mile away with their voluminous curves. The brush has stiff bristles in two lengths to grab the lashes and build, stretch and mold the individual lashes while the formula thickens them for the va va voom volume.

The formula is long lasting and smudge free. Tried and tested on oily Londors here I can confer no smudging!

RRP £19.00

IDYLLIC – Another Full volume and lengthening mascara with a sleeker packaging design and a smaller lash comb. Making this perfect for upper and lower lashes and precision.

The formula is long lasting and smudge free. Tried and tested as well on my oily skin and I can confer no smudging!

*not available in the UK

SELFIE lipsticks

Now you shouldn’t have faves really, should you? This though is one of my fave products from the whole GA-DE collection. The most creamiest lipstick formula that has a gorgeous colour payoff and longevity. A satin finish currently available in 10 shades from pinks, nudes and reds.

The formula contains nourishing argan oils to keep your lips soft and kissable.

The packaging is so satisfying with the sleek bullet design and soft magnetic close. I just adore them.

Shades shown in Rio and Melbourne.

RRP £16.50

VELVETEEN - eyeshadow palettes

Sleek black mirror compacts that look every bit the part of luxury and have satisfying magnetic closes. Encased within are 9 highly pigmented shades in shimmers, glitters and mattes. Available in 5 colour ways that co-ordinate and blend beautifully for a day or night eye look in a palette.

The highly pigmented formulas are enriched with Vitamin E for protection of the delicate skin around your eyelids.

I cannot believe how affordable these are.

Features The Spice Rack & The Golden Glow

RRP £22.00

IDYLLIC – Loose mineral powder

A super light weight setting powder with application powder puff. Made with skin kind minerals that melt into the skin absorbing oils and creating a flawless, translucent, matte, long lasting finish to any makeup look.

This can me used on its own over your moisturiser or over cream base makeup products anywhere on the face.

* Not available in the UK

I really do love this brand and would love for you all to experience it to.

For all purchases via the link at the beginning of this post use code GADEICONNL20 for 20% off your entire order.

Would love to know your thoughts on the products you try.

Thanks for reading and watch out for GA-DE on QVC Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 5pm


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 17, 2020

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