Maskne- Tips and Tricks on How to Avoid

Breaking out in spots around your mouth and chin when you don’t usually? Me too! Unfortunately, it’s down to our new government enforced fashion accessory. The face mask! Maskne is a real thing.

Why are our face masks causing us maskne?

Well firstly the friction from the mask material rubbing on your skin can cause irritation. Secondly is the humidity inside the mask. A mixture of hot air from breathing and the moisture of sweat and condensation creates a sauna like situation infused with bacteria inside the mask. The heat opens your pores up to congestion. Any bacteria trapped inside will clog your pores causing breakouts. Fan bloody tastic hey?

Fear not, I have some simple tips, tricks and products up my sleeve to help you combat and prevent your maskne breakouts.


Using gentle cleansers that will deeply cleanse your pores without stripping the skin and keeping your skin well hydrated as dehydration can also cause breakouts. Cleansing at a minimum of twice a day (morning and night) using a gentle foaming cleanser that will lift debris and excess oils from the pores. If you are wearing makeup I recommend you use an oil or balm cleanser to remove the makeup first then go in with a second cleanse using a foaming cleanser.

My recommendations here for foaming cleansers that are non stripping, gentle and effective.

La Roche Posay Effaclar - Gentle foaming cleanser suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Gets a really good lather when mixed with water and really cleanses the pores. I have used this on and off for years now.

RRP £12.50 200ml Available HERE

Algenist Genius Anti Ageing Foaming Cleanser – A foaming cleanser that not only cleanses the skin but hydrates and contains anti ageing ingredient Alguronic Acid to leave skin feeling plump and youthful as well as deeply cleansed.

RRP £28.00 150ml Available HERE

Salcura Deep Cleansing Daily Face Wash – This is a fantastic daily cleanse for deep cleansing it is aimed for oily skin types or those that suffer with acne so please only use this if you have that skin type as it does strip back. I absolutely love it for my oily skin it balances perfectly but would be too harsh if you have dry or dehydrated skin.

RRP £8.49 150ml - Available at Holland & Barrett

Sebamed Antibacterial Cleansing Foam – A gentle foaming pore cleanser with bacteria fighting properties to help prevent the chance of pimples and blackheads appearing. It also calms irritated or inflamed skin with its soothing properties. So perfect if you have sore skin from friction or skin conditions such as eczema.

RRP £7.99 150ml Available diretly from the brand.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Skin hydration is needed inside and out. Make sure you drink plenty of water and introduce products into your skincare regime that contain ingredients to boost hydration. The main ingredient to look out for is Hyaluronic Acid.

I would use this ingredient in a serum form and apply after you have cleansed and toned.

My product recommendations for Hyaluronic Acid serums are :-

The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics – A super lightweight serum that literally feels like water to apply. Made up of Hyaluronic and Vitamin B5 plus marine derived water reservoirs which hold moisture just like hyaluronic acid but gives the product a lighter texture. A super hydrating serum with anti ageing properties.

RRP £6.20 30ml available HERE

Huxley Secret of Sahara Essence Grab Water – This serum is absolutely beautiful and is a pleasure to apply with its gorgeous scent. It gives a whole sensual experience. The serum is packed full of ingredients that will super hydrate and protect the skin form external aggressors that can cause congestion.

RRP £38.00 30ml available at Feelunique

SVR B3 Ampoule Hydra – Suitable for all skin types this product is formulated to strengthen and restore the skins barrier whilst also boosting hydration. Key ingredients are 3 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B3.

RRP £30.00 30ml available HERE

Stay Makeup Free When Possible

It's time to embrace your face and go bare if you dare. Unfortunately the beautiful makeup you applied this morning, once the pores are open and are exposed to the extremities of mask wearing your pretty makeup will sink into those open pores and clog them causing, yep you guessed it Makne!


Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week using either a chemical or physical exfoliant. This will keep your skin fresh, getting rid of any build up of excess skin cells. Alliteratively you could use a daily gentle exfoliant like the ones I am about to recommend.

Dermalogica Microfoliant – This product is iconic for being so gentle that you can use it daily. A rice based powder mixed with water which activates its ingredients which include Salicylic Acid (another amazing Maskne combatting ingredient). The exfoliant gently buffs away dead skin cells and debris leaving the skin bright and smooth.

RRP £51.00 74g available HERE

Pixi Glow Tonic – Another iconic product that is always in my stash! Radiance in a bottle. Its key ingredient Gycolic Acid gentle exfoliates the skin leaving is looking bright, youthful and even textured. It also lifts impurities and hydrates. A good all round product that definitely deserves a place in your routine. Used as a toner you will apply after cleansing and before serums and moisturisers once a day.

RRP £18.00 250ml available HERE

Keep Your Masks Clean

Whether you are using reusable or throw away masks they need to be clean daily. Not just to get rid of the virus but to prevent bacteria causing maskne. Fresh masks daily please.

No Face Touching

Unless you hands are freshly washed with soap and water try to keep those hands and fingers away from your face and mouth. They are a breading farm for bacteria that we do not want in our pores while we are trying to combat maskne problems.  

That’s about all I have in my lockup to helping you prevent maskne. One last product I can recommend for reducing inflammation of spots and pimples that do appear is my trusty :-

Dots For Spots – My favourite pimple patches. They stay on the face and are near to invisible. You can wear them under makeup too. Though I prefer to wear them to bed. I always wake up with dramatically reduced spots that go from mountains to molehills and sometimes even disappear to flat completely.

RRP £13.99 for 60 Dots available From Amazon.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope this has helped you with some maskne concerns. Any questions feel free to ask in the comments or contact me on Insta.

*This post contains PR Samples and affiliate links.


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Nicola Londors

October 5, 2020

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