Murad Environmental Shield Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial - Review

Murad – Environmental Shield Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial

*This blog post contains PR samples.

Murad for me is one of those skincare brands I just trust! Their products are amazing and most importantly they work. So I always get excited when there is a new product on the market.

Before I start my review I want you to know I did a demonstration of this which you can see on my Instagram account HERE and honestly the results speak more words than I can write here so make sure you check it out.

So the Triple Exfoliating Mask has been formulated for oily, dry, combination and balanced skin types to smooth the skin as effectively as a microdermabrasion facial in just one use. I can confirm it does this! My skin was super smooth and so so glowy.

The product contains physical, and enzymatic exfoliants which all work together to lift away dead skin cells revealing new and healthy skin cells giving the skin a smooth texture and a brighter appearance.

This technique is so good for the skin as it helps boost radiance, even skin tone, improve skin appearance, fade dark spots and make was to allow serums and skin treatments to make their way deeper into the skin giving you the best results from your skincare.

Key ingredients –

Vita C Complex with Gold stabilized Vitamin C – A high dose of antioxidants. The best potency to allow the Vitamin c to work to its fullest potential delivering brighter skin that is well protecting of environmental pollutants.

Physical Exfoliators – Micro-mineral exfoliants physically remove dead skin cells to dramatically smooth the skins surface.

Enzymatic Exfoliators – Dissolve oil debris and dull dead skin cells to reveal fresh radiant skin.

Chemical Exfoliators – These include Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. These are pore purifying amazing for oily skin, Brightening and great at dissolving dead skin cells.

The mask goes on damp skin at a beautiful peachy colour and once circulated on the skin the product is activated and turns white. It also gives a good guide of even coverage.  Leave for 10 minutes the remove with a damp cloth. It can be used up to 3 times a week and really is the closest product I have used for a home facial. It feels comfortale to use and not too aggressive.

Clinical trials say –

• 87% of people saw brighter skin in 2 weeks.

• 97% of people saw brighter skin in 2 weeks.

• 97% of people agree the product is gentle.

• 78% of people saw pores appear minimized in 4 weeks

RRP £67.00 available to purchase from Murad, LookFantastic (ask me for discount code if the product is not already on offer for this retailer), Cult Beauty & Selfridges.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

June 30, 2021

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