My Love For All Things Charlotte Tilbury

My love for Charlotte Tilbury's brand was an instant attraction from the moment I stepped into her concession boutique in John Lewis, Bluewater 2 years ago.  I was greeted by a tall young, pretty counter girl who looked like she belonged on a cat walk and I felt like Ugly Betty (without the glasses) " what can I help you with ?" she asked. Looking around I wanted everything! It was all so pretty and the mirrors so shiny, anyone that appreciates a good beauty counter will agree Charlotte's are just mesmerizing, you feel like a 1940's show girl about to get ready for your can can performance.

At this time I was new to the luxury beauty scene and I won't lie her prices made me vom in my mouth, but now the cost is appreciated! I walked out of there feeling less Ugly Betty and more like Audrey Hepburn (wishes) with my first purchase. I played it safe with 2 lipsticks in shades Coachella Coral and Bitch Perfect (both still firm faves) plus a lip liner in shade Pink Venus, now my obsession was born.

As you can see from my photo I have collected many of Charlotte's products over the last couple of years and grown quite a collection, which is nowhere near complete.

Now let me share with you why I love this brand so much. Firstly I am a magpie for packaging, the packaging prototype for all products here is luxe and sophisticated. The colours rose gold and berry, scream classy and look so pretty on your vanity, of course if a product looks the part it is also Instagram worthy and if you like photographing beauty products like me, it makes the task a whole lot easier if they already look wow! Now comes the ease of use, I am not a make up artist or a trained beauty professional so I need products that are easy to use and apply, Charlotte's products are a dream, no hand book needed! If you are struggling with colour choice, or perfect products for you, you can shop 'Iconic Looks' online and in store. Looks that have been created for day, night, skin tone, age, hair colour etc etc! Lipstick choices can also be daunting when there are so many to choose from, the online shop has lipstick finder tool which will help you pick your perfect shade and also a "How to" guide to help you with your makeup and skincare struggles.

Charlotte has definitely thought about her market here, all the products are made to be used with ease and in a hurry. If you are a busy mum, a train commuter, a snooze button lover, a drink straight from work kinda girl, a very important lunch meeting or a crazy gym before 8am person, these products need seconds to apply. Another thing Charlotte has obviously taken into consideration is tools. The best make up tool is your fingers and nearly all her products can be applied with them! No full brush kit needed! maybe just a powder brush!

Finally from makeup to skincare, the skincare range is small but covers everything in a nutshell, all perfect for all, but especially great for maturer ladies like myself and those that need help with pores, fine lines and wrinkles. The range is luxurious and the products do exactly as they say they will, such a delight and a real treat to use. Also available in travel size!

Now I appreciate the brand I also appreciate the cost. In most cases in the beauty industry you get what you pay for, that includes customer service (Charlotte's team is the creme dela creme I have ever encountered online and across many branches I have visited). There are of course a few exceptions to my theory but what I am really trying to say is this brand has the full package and in the words of Charlotte herself "it's just fabulous darling"!!

My Top 5 Products:

Hollywood Flawless Filter - Not just my fave Charlotte Tilbury product but my fave ever makeup item! I would bathe in this if I could. A miracle filter in a bottle. This product gives you instant superstar worthy skin. It is a primer and a highlighter all in one that illuminates, gives soft focus and smoothes out lines and pores of your skin, leaving you looking flawless and selfie ready.

Instant Look in a Palette - Everything you need fr a full face base in 5 minutes. Contains a bronze powder, hilighter, 3 eye colours and two blushes. This with a swish of mascara and a lashing of lippy and you are ready to take on the world!

Lipstick - Pillow Talk - This is a perfect for everyone matte pinky nude. The colour is one of Charlotte's iconic pieces and I was once told, that one is sold every 3 seconds worldwide!! Fellow lippy lovers you need this!

Charlotte's Magic Cream - This award winning cream comes with a Hollywood price tag but it really is wonderfully magical and is adored by models and film stars. Contains anti-aging ingredients for plumper looking skin, Hyaluronic Acid and wild pansy extracts to lock in moisture, Vitamin E plus rosehip & camellia oils to transform dull skin into more youthful and hydrated skin and it is completely paraben free. You can feel the luxury on the first use. Utterly gorgeous.

Legendary Brows - I am absolutely useless at drawing on brows and really do not have the time each day to do them. This piece of magnificence is so easy to use.  I'ts a really small wand style comb that has just the right amount of product on then you literally just brush it through your brows. then it dries very quickly holding their shape. it also doesn't smudge which can be embarrassing.

Now obviously I love all of my collection but these are my ultimate can't live without products.

I hope you have been enlightened by my all time favourite beauty brand and if you have been wanting to make a purchase but have been unsure I hope this has helped your decision. Feel free to leave me any comments if you need any advise or if you would like to share with me your fave Charlotte Tilbury finds or tips.

Kisses xxx  


Nicola Londors

March 18, 2016

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