I was lucky enough this year to be gifted some products from this brand and all three products I received were amazing !! So amazing that the brand definitely deserves a spot on my blog.

NYK1 is a beauty brand that covers beauty, hair and nails. Creating products that work with what mother nature gave you. The products are formulated to make what you have stronger, healthier and even more beautiful. Some of the products you will find are :-

Shampoo & Conditioner

Eyelash & Brow Serum

Fake Tan

Nail Colours


Beauty Tools & Accessories

Now I am going to give you an in site into the products that have tried, tested and reveal the proven results by me "The Londors".

Lash Force Eyelash & Brow Serum

Winner of the International Beauty Awards 2018 and such a worthy winner indeed. This stuff is witch craft, actual magic (I swear it) I can't believe the results I have had from this serum. I have been using the product twice a day as part of my skincare routine since May 2019. My lashes are so much thicker, longer and stronger. Please see pictures below for results.  

The serum is a fine oil which you paint onto the lash line. It can also be used on brows but as mine are already very thick I have not tried this.

Ingredients include - Citric Acid, Ginseng, Aqua, Vitamin B2 and Biotin.

Tan Force Fake Tan

Another NYK1 Winner in the 2018 Natural Beauty Awards.

I am a walking disaster when it comes to tanning and I won't lie I was worried to review this one. User error can sometimes make a review worse than it is and this was my first tan review. I had no need to fret, I was blown away! Not only was the tan super easy to apply, it gave the most natural colour! Even my husband commented and we all know husbands never notice such details!!

The tan is in a mousse formula and applied with a mitt, following the simple step by step guide, goes on like a dream. The formula goes on clear and has no colour guide but it dries to a sheen so you can see where you have applied it to the skin. The colour is buildable and once i had applied over the whole body I went back over my forearms and shoulders where I naturally tan darker. The develop time is 6-24 hours. I left on overnight and washed off first thing. there was no colour transfer on my sheets or clothing and the tan rinsed off easily.

I didn't manage a perfect application, I missed a couple of small sections but that requires practice for this tanning newbie! However, the colour was so beautiful!

Hands down the best tan result I have ever had from a bottle. I will definitely be using again next time I feel a little pasty.

Remove One Peel Off Mask

You guessed it another winner and another fabulous product by this brand. An exfoliating peel off mask with amazing qualities.

  • Removes a layer of dead dull skin cells.
  • Deep cleases pores.
  • Rejuvinates skin.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and primed for makeup application.

The results I had from this mask were instant. My skin was super soft, clean and brighter! The formula was very sticky as is all peel off masks but, it applied well and dried quickly. The peel off wasn't too unpleasant as it can be with these kind of products and any left over residue was easily cleaned off with a toner. I would totally recommend this product.

I hope you enjoyed reading my in site into NYK1. You can purchase products from their website www.nyk1.com at a discount of 10% using my affiliated code NICOLA10 . Or alternatively directly from my affiliated link .


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 8, 2019

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