#ohmynude by Schwarzkopf got2b

When I received this PR package I was blown away by the beauty of these products and I could not believe that they are an affordable drugstore range.

The rose gold packaging with a pretty pastel twist makes them ultra stylish and worthy of any beauty #shelfie . Their beauty definitely caught my eye!

This hair styling range from Schwarzkopf's drugstore got2b range was created with the "no make up make up" trend in mind. A capsule range of hair styling products that are designed to work with your hairs natural beauty. The range consists of three styling products as follows and they all have an RRP of £4.07. I know you will all be looking for these! A little pointer they can all be found currently online at Boots!

Silkly Done Detangling Spray

A non sticky conditioning spray that is infused with moisturising ingredients allowing the comb so slide through the longest and most tangled types of tresses, leaving it de-tangled and naturally shiny. I have not only been using this on my hair but on my daughters to. It is a dream to not hear her screaming through the hair brushing every morning. Who can relate?

Air Does It Dry Foam Spray

If your hair is naturally wavy like mine this is the product for you. A light mouse type spray that allows your hair to air dry naturally leaving you with smooth, non frizz waves that are held as if you have sprayed them with a light non crunchy fixing spray. This product is not only good for the finished look but also helps prevent the damage that heated tools can give. With this product on your hair there is no need to style using heat.  Enjoy your mermaid waves from a new style perspective!

Oh So Flexible Hair Spray.

This hairspray is magic, it holds the hairs volume and style but as the product is so light it enables your hair to move naturally and freely. The product has a non sticky texture and has an ultra light hold. I really love that there is no crunchy feeling to the finish of this spray and that my hair looks natural and healthy.

As you can see I was very impressed with this hair styling range and would definitely re-buy.

Please do not hesitate to message me here or on Instagram if you have any questions at all.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 8, 2019

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