Party Season Must Haves

It’s November 26th and I have spent the day Christmas shopping and filling my house with glitter and lights in preparation for the big day. I mean some people would say I am cray cray, but this girl loves Christmas and I go all out, so F*#k the haters is what I say!

For the next four weeks there is no such thing as too much glitter, too much sequins, too much food and drink or too much partying! It is party season and here are my top 10 beauty products and items needed to party your way to 2019.


Obviously I don’t just wear 3 items of makeup for a full on glam look but these three items are necessities for Christmas party glam and my top picks.

A long lasting matte red lip will take you through a night of disco dancing, gin drinking and full frontal snogging! Anyone can wear a red lip, you just got to find your perfect shade and desired formula. Personally I am really loving this Matte Moist Lipgloss from cruelty free brand Note Beauty (RRP £9.95). Not only is it a nice vibrant colour it is affordable, has lengthy staying power and is so moisturising. Unlike most matte formulas this lipgloss contains vitamin E and feels like you have applied a nice lip balm rather than a formula that dries your lips out leaving your mouth feeling like a bum-hole.  

Remember there is no such thing as too much glitter so a glitter eye is a must! This can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like but oh so very pretty and will compliment any outfit choice! My favourite product for creating glitter eyes is the Stila Glitter and Glow shadow sticks (RRP £24.00 each full size, also available in mini sets of three for approx. £29.00). They consist of a liquid formula that dries quickly and is easy to work with. The sponge wand style applicator allows you to cover lids of use as a liner. The will not disappoint!

Lastly to glam up a makeup look you need big dramatic lashes! There are so many different ones on the market to buy now it can be overwhelming. For beginners I recommend Wispies by Ardell available from all good drug stores, easy to apply and more of a subtle look (RRP £5.00). For a more dramatic look and for lashes to use again and again all through the season I recommend Iconic London’s Silk Lashes (RRP £19.99). they will make your eyes pop.


Obviously there are many go to hair products, but the key to keeping your hair goals is to hold the style. That’s where my good old iconic friend Elnett Hairspray from Loreal (RRP £2.39). There’s a reason why she has been around for 50 years and that’s because she knows her stuff! While you are whipping your hair back and forth and twerking like there is no tomorrow, living your best life. Elnett will be keeping those waves, curls and quiffs in check.


Unless you have shit loads of cash it is very unlikely that you, just like me have not just had 2 weeks in the Bahamas bronzing yourself. So instead we are sporting our winter white look and beneath the LBD of our dreams we look even whiter than usual. So what we going to do? Fake it till we make it of course, duh? I am really rubbish at self tanning and always have a complete mare, but I found this little godsend of a product from Vita Liberata called Body Blur (RRP £29.95). It adds an instant washable colour, whilst evening skin tone and blurring all your imperfections. Amazing hey? It also is not streaking and non transferable. What bronzing dreams are made of!

Hydrating Face Base

The colder weather will dry your skin and make applying foundation difficult to flaky areas, so before I get my glam on I always make sure I have a hydrating face base. This will leave the skin looking flawless and less dry, ready for your foundation to be applied and will also give your skin a hydration boost before the hangover sucks the life out of you the following day. My two go to skincare products for a face base are Clinique’s Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly (RRP £31.00) and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream (RRP £27.00 - £70.00).

Party Scent

For a night out I like my perfume to be slightly more powerful than my day time scents and noticeable enough that people can smell me without me choking them to death. Also a scent that is going to last a while is key as you don’t really want to be cramming your perfume bottle into a clutch bag. My top pick is Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau De Parfum (RRP £49.00 30ml). The bottle is ultra-stylish and designed with a glamorous emerald green and decandent handbag style. The scent is glamourous and indulgent with a sultry top scent of Italian plum, Saffron and Iris. The heart is a floral mixture of Rose, orris and jasmine and for added sophistication a base of amber, vetiver and papyrus woods. The scent is very suitable to this season and will leave any lady feeling uber glam.

Twinkle Fingers and Toes

If there is not much time for full hair, or full make up sometimes a splash of colour and sparkle on our nails can really make us feel ready to party. During the Christmas season I sway towards reds and glitters (you are hardly surprised at that right?). My top picks are Smith and Cults Kundalini Hustle (RRP £18.00) a perfect phone box red in an ultra-stylish bottle and for sparkle Mavala’s Sparkling Silver (RRP £5.00). Mavala really know their stuff when it comes to nail products, I have used their polishes for years! They have so many shades to choose from there will definitely be a party shade for you.


Last but not least, now you are ready to go party, there’s one thing I always need to finish off my look. Some glow! Face, body anywhere really as long as it glows. My product choice for this is Iconic London’s Prep-Set-Glow (RRP £20.50). A versatile product that can be used on face or body to hydrate, set makeup, prime the skin before moisturising and leaves behind a bronzing shimmer!

So there it is my top 10 party ready products for the sparkle season, mix these with sequins, LBD’s, big hoops and stilettos and you are going to rock all your Christmas parties!

Have fun and be safe.

Kisses and Happy Holidays.

Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 8, 2019

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