Philip Kingsley Product Review - How To Mend Your Split Ends

Who would have known I am a qualified hairdresser? I am able to give hair advice to others but I never look after my own hair. I am the world’s worst.

It’s so long! Like waist length. I haven’t had it cut since October 2019 (bad I know)!! Lockdown however has given me ample opportunity to get my locks back in better health. There have been a few things I have been trying but let’s talk about how Philip Kingsley products have helped me.

For those of you that have not heard of Philip Kingsley before they are a hair care brand founded by Philip Kingsley himself who had a passion for hair. He was a hair advisor to thousands including royals, athletes, beauty journalists, TV personalities, models and various other celebrities. Not only did he give style advice he also helped them solve scalp and hair complaints.

Philip knew that for any man or woman your hair is your crown, without your hair feeling its very best, it can make you feel your very worst. So he created products to keep our tresses looking their best. His creations can help with dandruff, hair loss, itchy flakey scalp, breakage, volume and dryness.

The brand today is run by his daughter Annabel Kingsley (also a hair and scalp specialist) who has become president of the company and continues her father’s legacy.

How has their products been helping me? 

I have a few problems with my hair right now but first I am trying to combat dry hair with split ends. I so desperately need a good “lob off”. Basically, a cut that’s more severe than a trim. But with salons shut I need some home help. Phillip Kingsley’s team very kindly sent me 4 products to help with my worries. So let’s talk about them here:-

Elasticizer – Step 1

Firstly, I just picked this up thinking it was my can of coke and went to take a sip (officially lost the plot)! I like to have my products around me when I type it gives me inspiration. I should probably not have them so close in future.

Right, back to the subject in hand. This was the very first pre shampoo hair treatment on the market and has won many awards. One sells every two minutes (crazy). So, what’s a pre shampoo hair mask I hear you ask? I was baffled by it too. Many years in the industry and I had never used such a product. It is a deep treatment you apply to wet hair prior to shampooing. This is great as you can apply and leave for 2-time lengths. 10 -20 minutes whilst having a dip in the bath, or for the ultimate deep treatment I advise you leave it on overnight and wash your hair in the morning. It has the most satisfying texture that I can only describe as being like liquid marshmallow.

Despite this gift I have been through many tubs of this over the last year or so. Use it at least once a week for maximum results and seal in the moisture by keeping under a shower cap while it works its magic.

What does it do?

Suitable for all hair types this treatment adds elasticity and bounce, repairing and strengthening the hair shaft to prevent breakage.

My hair always feels super baby soft after using this, it has more bounce and movement and looks noticeably healthier and shinier.

Available to purchase HERE RRP from £19.00 available in different scents and sizes

Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner – Step 2

This hair wash duo is for hair of a medium density that is long and has dry and tired lengths and ends and is suitable for my hair type. Of course, there are other hair wash duos available that might be more suitable to your particular hair type but for me we are concentrating on my terrible split ends.

This is a combination set that will hydrate areas of the hair that look thirsty as well as cleansing the scalp and roots. Leaving the hair frizz free, detangled and shiny.  

For me they performed exactly as they said it would on the tin.


Double shampoo always! The first shampoo will barely lather and merely lift off any surface dirt, product or sebum. Whereas the second cleanse will bubble up a huge lather, deeply cleansing the scalp and leaving your roots weight free and bouncy.

When conditioning your hair, you only need a table spoon of conditioner for your ends (medium to long hair). Apply to mid lengths and ends then comb through using a comb or tangle teaser starting from the very ends working your way up. Do not drag out knots or use a hair brush. When your hair is wet it is at its most elasticated state and it vulnerable to breakage. Make sure you rinse well; any conditioner left will make the hair appear greasy.

Available to purchase HERE RRP £20.00 each

Bond Builder – Final Step

This is a split end remedy that is used every third wash. I have been using every other though for the last few weeks. As you get to know your hair you get to learn what it really needs and when.

I think this is a fab invention. It seals existing split ends to prevent dullness and further breakage while also shielding the rest of the hair from external aggressors such as heat and UV as well as strengthening the hair bonds to keep the hair strong and healthy.

You would apply a pea sized amount to towel dried hair. Concentrating on the areas with most damage (in my case the very ends) before styling or allowing the hair to air dry.

Suitable for all hair types.

Available to purchase HERE RRP £26.00

Since using Phillip Kingsley hair products over the last 3 weeks my hair is already noticeably healthier. I do still need that “lob off” but my dull dry ends now have shine. I am also seeing less breakage when I brush my hair. I am so impressed they will now be my go-to brand for the foreseeable.

*All products have been provided for my review.

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Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

May 30, 2020

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