Recommended Beauty Tools & Skin Care Devices

With lock-down giving us unwanted extra time on our hands it is definitely the perfect time to get out forgotten beauty gadgets that we don’t usually have time to play with. Alternatively, it is also a good time to invest in a beauty gadget while you have the time to learn how to use it and reap the benefits.

Now I am not saying I am the beauty gadget queen, but I do have a few beauty devices and they have all been faithful to me, bought me joy and I can whole heatedly say are worth the expense.

I will review them all for you here. Please fee free to skip to those that are of particular interest.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

As a fully qualified hairdresser I have had and used my fair share of hairdryers, but never have I ever used anything like this one before. I was in John Lewis Bluewater browsing the beauty hall when I came across the Dyson stand. The dryer was fairly new then and I hadn’t read much about it. I picked it up and switched it on and like a gust of wind on a stormy day the whole stand blew up in the air and came crashing to the floor. If hadn’t just fallen head over heels in love in an instant I would have been mortified. I exclaimed to my husband “I need her”. I have had it for over a year now and it is still much loved. For someone with thick waist length hair it has taken my blow out time from 45 minutes to around 20 minutes. It’s so quick and my hair holds its shape for 2/3 days afterwards. Not only does it decrease drying time, the dryer is so light and compact you can hold it closer to you meaning less arm ache, comes with 3 nozzle attachments (one of which a diffuser), 3 speed settings, 3 heat settings and a cool setting. Honestly the best £300 you will spend.

RRP £299.99 Available HERE *Affiliated


The NuFACE is a facial toning device for a home DIY face lift. Completely non-invasive using micro-current technology to tighten the contour of the face, making wrinkles look less visible and the facial structure more youthful. Now I was sceptical about this. I am 32 and didn’t think my skin needing tightening so was convinced there would be no noticeable difference. I decided to test it doing a demonstration on Instagram and I only did one side of my face. Oh, my goodness, this thing works! My face was completely lopsided showing the tightening the NuFACE had done against my natural structure. With regular use this little hand held beauty device will give you longer lasting results. You can see my demonstration on my saved highlights on my Instagram page HERE.

The mini is rechargeable and portable to be used at home or travelling and only needs 5/10 minutes a day’s use.

*product gifted by Current Body – click to view (A beauty device specialist and stockist) - all purchases made through this link are affiliated.

RRP £167 available HERE *affiliated - For 10% off use code 10BEAUTY (valid at date of blog post 27/04/2020)

GHD Hair Straightners

This brand has been so faithful to me. I purchased my first ever pair when I was 18 after saving up for weeks using my Saturday job money. They cost me around £100 then that was 14 years ago. In that time I have only had to replace them once. 2 pairs in 14 years is defo getting your monies worth! Through the years there have been so many new brands and straighteners come on the market but I have stuck to what I know. The GHDs heat to 185 degrees in 3 seconds enough heat not to singe the hair or cause heat damage yet enough to make it sleek and shiny. The built in safety switches them off after 30 minutes should you have that “shit I left the straighteners on” moment as soon as you are to far from the house to return. We have all been there! The original slim shape allows you to create curls and movement in the hair as well as using to straighten.

My old faithful’s and you know that saying “if it aint broke don’t fix it” that’s why I have never ventured away from them.

RRP £109.00 available HERE *affiliated - For 10% off use code 10BEAUTY (valid at date of blog post 27/04/2020)

Foreo Luna Mini 2

I was lucky enough to win this in a competition on Instagram. I have never used anything other than a flannel and my cleansers to wash my face with. This silicone cleansing device uses sonic action (gentle vibration) in eight different intensities to deeply cleanse the pores of excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells. This helps prevent breakouts and leaves the skin clean and glowy when used for one minute twice a daily.
You can use the device along side any of your cleansers and what it basically does is clean and gently exfoliate your skin all at the same time. The soft silicone coating is easy to clean keeping the device clear from harmful bacteria.

I have only ever charged it once and I have had it for over a year now.

I find this so fun to use and would definitely recommend especially if you have oily skin or are prone to break outs. My skin feels and looks so much clearer when using this skincare device to cleanse.

RRP £99.00 available in four colours HERE * affiliated - For 10% off use code 10BEAUTY (valid at date of blog post 27/04/2020)

Foreo UFO

I won this along with my Luna, now don’t get me wrong this is expensive but if your budget allows for it the experience is orgasmic. I enjoy this every time I use it.
This is a smart mask device using Korean sheet mask formulas for a quick facial experience using light, sonic pulsations and heat technology. Trust me when I say this will leave your skin glowing and also make you feel relaxed and happy.

The device is activated via an app on your phone. Once activated, you will select the mask you are using by scanning the bar code then it talks you through the experience in a tranquil way.

The UFO is made from soft silicon for easy hygienic cleaning, is USB chargeable and comes with a display stand.

I absolutely love it and never get bored of the experience.

RRP £249 available HERE * affiliated - For 10% off use code 10BEAUTY (valid at date of blog post 27/04/2020) – masks sold separately £9.99 for 7

Would love to hear your beauty or skin care device recommendations.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

April 27, 2020

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