SPF - Not Just For Summer

SPF isn’t just for the summer. You also needn’t bother with a skincare regime without SPF, you are basically wasting your money.

Protecting your face from the sun all year round is the key to anti-ageing. The suns’ harmful rays are harmful all year round and not just when it is warm in the summer. If you can see the sun, the sun can see you.

How does SPF protect you?

It measures sun protection from UVB rays. These are the harmful rays, the ones that cause sunburn and potential skin cancers.

The higher the SPF the longer it protects you for. You will see that SPF comes in many numbers i.e. SPF30. The number measures how long you are protected for. So for example if your skin burns within 15 minutes of being in the sun this will protect you 30 times longer, your protection will be covered for 450 minutes. The lighter your skin tone the higher factor you should use.

What are the benefits of using SPF?

Keeps skin tone even. One of the most common factors of skin pigmentation is sun damage. By protecting your face you can eliminate pigmentation.

Over exposure to the sun can cause premature ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. Using SPF will aid protection from signs of ageing. Keeping the skin youthful.

SPF provides protection from cancer. Sun damage can cause skin cancers especially Melanomas. This type of skin cancer is known to be extremely aggressive and can be fatal. Skin cancer is not age prejudice and can effect women in particular and from as young as your 20’s, so anti ageing protection should start young. Do not leave it too late when the damage is already done.

I myself have had quite a journey with SPF. Being oily I find every one I have tried (there have been a few) to be too heavy and congesting. I break out and my eyes get irritated. So I can hold my hands up and admit I don’t always wear sunscreen on my face when I know I should, this is to avoid the shit storm of a mess my skin becomes. Though I am very aware I need to protect my face from the danger of the sun.

This week I have been trying 3 different brands of SPF for the face to see if I can find one that works for me. There are so many brands now and most skincare brands now have SPF specific products. Don’t get sucked in by tinted moisturisers, foundations and primers that contain SPF they do not provide full protection on their own. You need an SPF specific product to do the right job.

I was hoping just one of these products would stand out to provide elimination but to my surprise they were all winners. So let me share the facts about them all with you.

Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence SPF 30 – Now this is super thick and I thought I was going to hate it! Thick SPF’s usually make my medium skin tone turn to ash. I go from golden goddess to Casper the friendly ghost in an instant. Well how wrong I was! This dries sheer and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. The product is full of skin loving ingredients to provide skincare as well as protection. Green tea helps defend against free radicals and Bioactive Mushroom Complex helps sooth the skin and reduce redness caused by UV rays. I loved that the product left the skin feeling smooth and primed leaving a perfect base should you wish to apply makeup over. I suffered no breakouts and no irritations so this is a winner. *product gifted as part of their Skinfluencer programme.  

RRP £49.00 available HERE *affiliated

Dr. Ceuracle Cica Regen Anti Dust Sun Gel SPF50+ – I got this in a collaboration giftset with Tonic15 and Suitcase. Tonic15 is a K Beauty stockist providing the UK, US and Europe with the best in K Beauty brands and products. This is a product I may not have purchased otherwise which is why these sets are amazing, always uncover hidden beauty gems. This SPF not only protects from harmful Sun rays but also Pollution, helping prevent my SPF arch nemises “breakouts”. The Formula is an ultra light milky gel that melts sheer and absorbs quickly. It doesn’t smell like usual SPF it has an aromatherapy scent from the lavender and orange peel oil within its ingredients which is rather heavenly. I also find this SPF to be very moisturising as it makes the skin feel super soft, usually high SPFs are made for those with ultra pale skin tones so I expected this to cover thickly with a white cast. I was pleasantly surprised by its "like skin" coverage. Basically feels like your skin. No tackiness, as if you hadn’t applied anything at all. leaving you free to comfortably wear on its own or with makeup. I highly recommended. I will definitely continue to use.

Available to purchase at Tonic15 RRP £24.00 (using code DRC20 will give you 20% off this brand *offer valid at time of this blog post 12/04/20) *not affiliated just sharing the love.

Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF 50+ - Another K Beauty gem this time from K Beauty Stockists Skinsider. Firstly I was intrigued by its gel formula as gels work amazing with my oily skin type. Again another fabulous SPF. Suitable for all skin types and tones with maximum protection. This is a light milky formula that dries sheer and naked making you feel like you have nothing on your skin at all. The product was non irritating and did not cause me any break outs. This product smelt more like a normal SPF than all the others bringing a summer memories feel with a twist of citrus. So enjoyable and another massive thumbs up. *product gifted by Skinsider stockist of Lagom Korea.

RRP £26.00 available to purchase at Skinsider

I can not believe after years of dud SPFs that have caused me skin nightmares and holidays where I continuously break out or get seriously swollen eyed, I have now found 3 amazing products I can use all year round. I hope this blog has helped you see the importance of SPF and find some recomendations tried and tested by me too.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

April 12, 2020

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