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Ok something a little different from me here. This brands been made for the boys. Although nothings out of bounds with Londors so I checked it for unisex compatibility and I roped my husband in like a “Take the husband to work” kinda day and got him to give me his thoughts. He was delighted to have some PR post for himself. Usually it is I that gets the pressies in the post.

First a little insight into the brand. The Gruff Stuff are a premium vegan friendly, fuss free skincare brand made with love, for the men.  Their products are made right here in the UK and are completely cruelty free. Obviously not meaning to be sexist, but men are more likely to use things that are quick, easy and fuss free to apply and The Gruff Stuff got the memo. Their products are so easy to use!

So lets start on my husbands thoughts and review.

“First I will touch upon the packaging as graphic design and rebranding is my line of work. I think the black and gold really work well together and make it stand out as masculine and premium brand. Gold is a colour of wealth, though the plastic quality of the packaging not so much. I would go for something more, high end like glass. Glass is recyclable and meets the brands “kind to nature” ethic.

I really loved the fact that the moisturiser and the body lotion were spray on, it made application time super quick and the formula dried on my skin very easily. Both were very soothing and great for post shaving. It made my skin feel fresh and soft. I would however, of liked more of a scent to the body lotion. It didn’t have much scent at all. Maybe the addition of aromatherapy oils or a masculine perfume to make it stand out more and add to the experience. Guys like to smell nice too.

The eye balm was great. I must admit as a guy I do not usually use anything under my eyes and wouldn’t even know where to begin so I love that this range comes as a kit and includes the eye balm. I will continue to use this.

It’s quite an affordable brand, although premium and I myself think the prices are very reasonable.

So the big question is would I purchase in the future? Yes, I would but maybe not the body lotion unless there was an improved scented formula.”

Review By Nick Hodson Owner of – My partner in crime and beauty Guinea pig.

Ok now it's my turn.

I obviously am mindful that The Gruff Stuff wasn’t made for girls. So I will keep my opinion very neutral. I love the masculine black and gold packaging that is made from recycled plastics and paper in line with their kind to nature policy. Though personally for me as a premium brand I would have liked to see some glass. I am the queen of luxury beauty products and I always appreciate glass packaging it gives the product that premium look and feel from the very off set before you have even tried the formula.

The Eye Balm – for me this was my favourite product of all. A non scented light weight cream that cools the delicate under eye area and absorbs beautifully. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The formula has some wonderful ingredients including: -

Vitamins A, C & E – Moisturising, Nourishing, Anti-ageing & Detoxifying.

Hyaluronic Acid – Hydrating

Liquorice Root – Brightening.

Really gorgeous my eye area did feel immediately hydrated and brighter.

RRP £22.00

The Spray on Moisturiser – This moisturiser is designed to protect the skin and restore the moisture barrier. It has a spray on nozzle which is unique for a moisturiser and the thumbs up quick squirt and go for the men. It’s a very clear formula that spritzes onto the face and absorbs easily. The formula is very cooling and calming so would be perfect for a post shave. I found this quite pleasant. As a lady I personally probably wouldn’t purchase as I prefer a rich moisturiser but it would not stop me stealing a bit from my husband post shave to spritz on my leggies.

The formula contains lots of skin kind ingredients including: -

Aloe Juice – Cooling, Calming, Hydrating and anti-inflammatory.

Wild Plum & Polysaccharide extracts – Protects the skin from external aggressors which cause ageing and congestion.

RRP £25.00

The Spray on Body Lotion – Like my husband said. This is virtually scent less so I didn’t get the sensual experience I would expect from a body lotion. I felt like I was spraying water on my skin and really didn’t get it. Whereas I would pinch the other two products if hubby left them laying around, I most probably wouldn’t this one.

However, it does absorb quickly and leaves no residue. So, if you are a man that just wants a no fuss skin hydrator then this would work for you.


Vitamins A, C & E – Moisturising, Nourishing, Anti-ageing & Detoxifying.

Aloe – Calming, Soothing, Anti-inflammatory & hydrating.

RRP £24.00

Over all I can totally see why The Gruff Stuff was formulted for men and I agree that it’s also completely unisex. Girlies can totally get on board with this brand to.

*Press Samples – Products available directly from The Gruff Stuff as well as John Bell & Croyden & Fragrance Direct.

Thank you for reading


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 12, 2020

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