The Ordinary Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm

The Ordinary Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm

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The Ordinary are on fire with new launches this year. Their latest launch is their Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm.

Lip products have been a big thing on social media so far in 2024 with us all creating personal and forever growing collections. Though brands seem to be concentrating on and delivering lip products that actually make a difference to the overall look and appearance of your pout, combating dry lips and also plumpness and fine lines.

This new lip balm from The Ordinary has been formulated with their best hydrating ingredients to :-

- Soften and hydrate dryness.

- Nourish and boost moisture.

It’s actually a super handy multi use product, not just a lip balm as you can also use it on your cuticles, knees and elbows giving you practical on the go hydration whenever and wherever you need it.

The formula is –

- Alcohol free

- Silicon free

- Vegan friendly

- Gluten free

The Ordinary have gone really modern with this lip balm design. The unique “out there” packaging which is a cute and practical O shape that will easily fit into your handbag or pocket. I also like the clean, simplistic monochrome design makes this appealing to everyone. We all have lips that need care after all!

The product works by just squeezing and the product then dispenses onto the applicator tip. Its actually very satisfying!

Now for the science bit, The Ordinary use biomimetic (skin identifiable ingredients).

Squalane & Amino Acids – These ingredients mimic the skins natural sebum and moisturising ability to offer barrier Support to protect the lips from external aggressors and long term moisturisation and also prevents loss of hydration with continued use over time.

My review

I really like it. It’s a no nonsense does what it says on the tin kind of product. A colourless, fragrance free and tasteless formula. Really comfortable to wear. Not too oily and absolutely no sickness but with just the right amount of slip which makes is comfortable to wear and addictive to. You will want to reapply this over and over.

The formula looks really sheer and barely there on the skin, just a slight sheen which makes it undetectable and unisex.

As always The Ordinary have delivered us a well formulated and thought out product with an affordable price tag.

You can grab this for £8.50 which I would say is reasonable.

The Ordinary Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm Launches on the 20th June 2024

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Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

June 17, 2024

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