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Let’s talk about Touch In Sol. I am very lucky to have had a close relationship with this brand throughout 2019 and they hold a special place in my heart and this continues …..

Touch In Sol are a K Beauty brand specialising in skincare and makeup. The brand is so much fun, there is no seriousness here other than creating innovative products that serve their purpose, products that are affordable, cruelty free, made from natural botanical ingredients and easy to use for the fast pace city goers. After all Touch In Sol was founded in Seoul the Capital of South Korea. A busy fast paced city, home to a metropolis of modern sky scrapers, street markets, the birth place of the modern K Pop Culture which is a You Tube sensation today and a city with a population of 9.7 Million (thank you Wikipedia for helping me out here). So you can see why the founder of this brand (Sean K Lim) concentrated on products that will protect your skin from the harsh environment and products that are simple to use on the go, no tools are required for their products all you may need are your fingers. I have also read that the founder’s personality is fun, colourful and full of energy and I can totally see his personality channeled through his product creations. They all have fun names, fun colours and lots of humor.

Although this K Beauty sensation was born in South Korea it is now taking the UK by storm and I have enjoyed watching them grow this year. They have launched in Boots, Selfridges, Asos, Debenhams, Beauty & Seoul, Fabled by Marie Claire and they were even flying worldwide, with Thomas Cook before they took to the skies for the last time this summer. I can’t wait to see where they pop up next! They are also continuing to drop new innovative products continuously, I get giddy with excitement to see them expanding and I only wish my bank balance could keep up! I would have a full collection in a heartbeat!

I have been very lucky to of tried lots of products from the brand through gifted items and purchases of my own though there are still loads of products I still need to try. Below I will give you the full D LOW of the products that I am most in love with of that I have tried. Hopefully it will help you go check them out, I promise you need Touch In Sol in your vanity.

No Pore Blem Primer – This primer for me would be their most iconic product, I am unsure of the facts and figures but I would bet it is a firm bestseller worldwide and my ultimate favourite, I mean it sells out constantly. There is now a whole No Pore Blem family of products consisting of 5 members. I have 4 (I will complete one day). This range is designed to help give a smooth makeup application blurring pores and it works like a dream. Now don’t be confused it doesn’t control excess oils but it will leave a silky veil on your skin ready for you to look flawless and pore less!

RRP £16.50

No Pore Blem Priming Water – Another member of the No Pore Blem family. She is a beautiful light oil with a water consistency and a light rose essence. She has a multipurpose, designed for pore erasing and skin plumping. You can use her on her own for a dewy finish, mixed with other skincare products, as a lip mask, for foundation blending, pre makeup primer or with a blush to create a natural flush. This product is hydrating and suitable for all skin types. I mean what a dream boat!  

RRP £18.00

Liquid Metallist & Glitter Shadow Duo – These are so fabulous, easy to apply and remove, and a must have for any glam look. I have colours TALIA (a light rosey gold), ELDORA (bronze) & SONIA (midnight blue) there are 3 other colours to choose from too. They are made with easy sponge applicators, no brushes needed here. They dry quickly and are smudge proof even on my oily lids. The glitter melts into the skin and is very easy to remove. These really make your eyes sparkle with bling and I adore them. I do have a favourite. It is TALIA her colour is so versatile it will blend with anything.

RRP £20.00

Pretty Filter Lip Tints – Now these are currently having makeover with brand new packaging and there are also new colours coming which I cannot wait to get my hands on. This is hands down (you know I tell no lies) the best matte lip formula I have ever tried. I make all my friends try mine, I recently even loaned one to a mate that wanted to find her perfect red, I told her to “take it out and try it but if you lose it I’ll kill you (LOL”), she fell in love too and like me got many compliments! The formula is buttery (contains Macadamia and Shea Butter), waterproof, it stains the lips and it stays on ALL DAY no smudging or transferring. There is no need for lip balm with this either it’s so soft and not drying at all. Actual matte lip magic! There are 10 shades to choose from I have shades Pink Berry (a pinky red) and Red Berry (an orangy red and my fave. This is my perfect red). I love these a lot, can you tell?

RRP £14.00

Pretty Filter Mattifying Oil Control Setting Mist – For an oily skinned person like me this is your best mate! A makeup setting spray that reduces the appearance of pores, balances the skins sebum production and leaves the skin smooth and brighter whilst keeping your makeup set. It gets rid of any wet look produced by sweat or oil. You can use this throughout the day to keep you shine free. So pop it in your hand bag!

RRP £18.00

Feels Like Honey Moon – Probably the strangest yet mos satisfying formula I have ever tried. It is so much fun! Especially if you like textures. So it looks like sticky honey but it dissolves into a water consistency when it hits your skin. This is a base product the honey extract and gold fleck formula has the ability to reduce inflammation, boost hydration, improve skins elasticity, boost radiance and plump lack lustre skin. This is to be applied with skincare and used before a makeup application for a youthful dewy finish. It’s such a pleasure.

RRP £16.50

That concludes my Touch In Sol experience so far. I am sure there will be more products to add to this list so keep an eye out for part 2.

I would love to hear about your own K Beauty experiences. You can email me here or communicate with me via Instagram.


Nicola XXX


Nicola Londors

October 26, 2019

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