Vitamasques - New Biodegradable Sheet Masks

Vitamasques – New Biodegradable Sheet Masks

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Vitamasques have recently launched their sustainable brand new biodegradable sheet masks. These masks are fully recyclable and Eco friendly (this includes the packaging).

I am such a sheet mask fan. I find that they really do boost in areas of concern when it comes to what my skin is crying out for. I am really pleased that environmentally friendly versions are now available and I definitely think this is the way forward! If you are new to sheet masks they can literally be worn anytime and place. If I don’t have time to relax wearing mine, I pop one on while I do the house work or while I am in the bath. They are also effective if you use a jade/ rose quartz roller of the top or if you keep a stockpile in the fridge to refresh after a warm day or a heavy exfoliation.

So what’s different about these masks compared to regular sheet masks you may ask? Well the answer is.

• The packaging is plant based making it biodegradable.

• The sheet is made with natural cellulose also making the product biodegradable.

• The production of these masks reduced the carbon emission by 48%.

• They are RoHS compliant eco print.

• Vegan friendly.

• Fragrance free.

The collection consists of 4 masks that work with your skins natural bacteria system to give it a healthy boost. The masks are infused with Pre, Post and Pro Biotics to strengthen the skins barrier to protect against antioxidants (external aggressors such as stress, pollution and the sun all of which cause signs of ageing) and balance the skins natural eco system (microbiome).

HYDRATE – Contains 6 types of Hyaluronic Acid to fully quench your skins thirst and give it a huge hydration boost. Other ingredients include Vegan Squalene, Blue Agave, Seaberry & Spirulina. Perfect for dehydrated skin.

GLOW – This masks focuses on uneven skin tone. Formulated with ingredients to brighten and improve the skins appearance . Ingredients include Vitamin C, Niacinamide & A Super Berry Complex.

NOURISH – This mask is formulated to nourish and repair damaged skin. So if you have over exfoliated, spent too long in the sun of are suffering from intense dryness this is the mask for you. Ingredients include Multi Peptides, Ceramides &  Flower Extracts.

DETOX – If you suffer with congestion this is a fab mask to draw out impurities, dirt and grime from the pores. Leaving a fresh clean face. Key ingredients include Charcoal, Green Vegetables, Willow Bark, Green Tea  and Glutathione.

Each mask retails at £4.99 each or available as a set for £14.99

Available to purchase at –

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Nicola Londors

April 12, 2021

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