The Body Shop - Banana Hair Mask

Hair Type - Long & Thick

Hair Condition - Colour treated, greasy roots & dry ends

It has been a while since I ventured into The Body Shop. I am slightly cross with myself as it's a brand I love, yet I seem to have gotten swept up in a whirlwind of my taste for luxe brands and completely binned off the more affordable brands that are and have proven to be just as fabulous. Shame on me!!

The new "Go Bananas" range has been splashed all over Insta recently and I just needed had to have a sniff! So popped to my local store. See I am a girl that has a ridiculous sweet tooth and banoffee is a fave so I instantly knew I was going to fall for the banana sent in this range, it's hard not too right?

I bought a few things during my visit but this product really has really exceeded expectations and that's why it gets a dedicated review!!

Ingredients - Bananas, Brazil nut oil, Brazilian cupuacu butter, shea butter and cocoa butter.

Product Information - The Body Shop are against animal testing, dermatologically tested, 100% vegan, Community Trade natural ingredients used sourced from some of the worlds finest. RRP £12.00

How to use - Apply to wet hair after shampoo (and conditioner if hair is super dry or frizzy). Comb the product through your tresses using a comb, Wet brush or Tangle Teezer (please never use a standard brush on wet hair as this breaks and damages the hair causing split ends and fly aways!) and leave on for approx 15/20 minutes. For a more intense treatment wrap hair in cling film or hair towel and leave overnight. Then rinse.

Results - The product was amazingly thick and easy to spread through the hair. I left it on for approx 20 minutes whilst reading a book and enjoying the very pleasant banana aroma. The results were instant. My hair was tangle free and super soft, the water just glided off my hair where as usually my hair sponges it in so I can't rinse the product out easily. Once my hair was completely dry and styled, it looked more alive. It was shiny, bouncy and the ends have already improved and look healthier after just one use! If you have thin or fine hair use the product more lightly and sparingly, not leaving it on for too long to avoid it weighing your hair down and preventing that after wash, clean bounce. I would recommend this product for all hair types.

It is safe to say this is going to be a product that stays in my staple routine for a while to come and it's so affordable. Sign up to the Body Shop for offers, they send them out regularly and I got me 35% off my purchase during this weekends offer, making this hair mask just £8.45. bargain!!

Let me know if you have tried or are wanting to try the banana range. Would love to hear what you think and which product was your fave.

Love & Kisses

Nicola xxxx


Nicola Londors

March 18, 2016

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